Muddy Moses and Mom

Muddy Moses and Mom

Muddy Moses and Mom…making messy memories into one of a kind unique clay creations!

For years Ms. Jenny AKA Mom looked for unusual dishes for our soap business - Miss Jenny's Soap. The dish needed to be durable, natural and non-toxic. I wanted a dish that would keep the soap dry and off my counters. I also wanted a dish that would add a bit of color and charter to my line of gift crates.

Well, when your husband is a folk artist / potter and you are creative anything is a possibility. After one of many messy incidents, we began to look at the different possibilities for creating soap dishes with the clay.

We found a winner… 

our stoneware dishes have satisfied and served our needs perfectly.

My youngest son, Moses was very curious about clay and loved playing in the mud. His dad, TJ Stevens was in his pottery barn turning an extra-large bowl. When Moses was 5 years old and was watching, talking, fidgeting, and then accidentally jumped down on the potter's wheel foot control and off slung daddy’s XL masterpiece.


Moses was told to leave the barn and no further encouragement was needed. He flew inside to find mom and tell her… “I done, done something bad. Daddy said I could never, ever, never.... go back in his barn…” 

When the drama was over and the mess cleaned up, Dad and Mom decided Moses could help Mom as she learned to hand building soap dishes.

Creating with clay had become an enjoyable and therapeutic activity for me (Jenny) after a craniotomy and brain tumor diagnoses in 2008.

My love for clay started as a little girl, making pinch pots out of the clay found in our creek banks. 

TJ worked with us and showed us some of clays many mysteries and the joy found playing in the mud. During my recovery time, working with the clay was real soothing to my brain and satisfied my desire to create. 

Moses and I began working together stamping different shapes onto the clay, creating a one-of-a-kind impression. We stamped and glazed flowers, fish, frogs, bears and dragonflies just to name a few.

The natural artist in me is always looking to create new dishes using different clays, colored glazes and shapes.

Below our land is a vineyard that inspired our Georgia Mountain leaves.

I love walking and talking with my family as we look for different leaves that we can use for dish patterns. The beautiful sight of all those rows of grapevines and gorgeous green leaves inspired a dish made to look like a grape leaf.

So you see, to me and my guys making memories and messes go so well together, hence the name Muddy Moses and Mom came about.


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