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A little piece of Georgia

Each little piece of Georgia pottery is handcrafted at Ms. Jenny's Studio using locally sourced clay. This native Ga clay showcases a blend of gray and white tones in its raw form, evolving into a striking mottled white when fired. The key mineral absent in most Ga clay causing it to be red is iron oxide, which we utilize to personalize our special Georgia pottery using a vintage glaze technique to highlight its distinctive beauty.

Finding peace in the process not the perfection of the pieces! -Ms. Jenny

Soap Dish

Soap has a Best Friend!

By using a Soap Dish, you can help maintain the cleanliness of your counter and increase the longevity of your soap.

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Georgia Souvenir

Georgia Made Souvenirs

Georgia Crafted Keepsake

Crafted from Local Ga Clay by Ga individuals. Unique souvenir.

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