Why a Dry Dish is  a Necessity...

Why a Dry Dish is a Necessity...

Your soaps life depends on it.

Did you know... your soap is living its best life...  Dry!

Did you know... a bar of DRY soap will last you longer, and save you time and money?

  • Does spending money on expensive soap that doesn’t last make you feel bad?
  • Does spending time cleaning up messy tubs and sinks make you feel mad?
  • Does your favorite soap melting and making a mess make you feel sad?

Let our DRY dish make you Glad!

Miss Jenny wanted a soap dish with the sole purpose of making her favorite soap last longer. The DRY dish has a piece of clay in the center that lifts the soap and allows water to drain away… letting the soap DRY. A DRY dish can give your soap a Dry life it never had. Muddy Moses and Mom made a DRY dish to make you feel glad!

How are the soap dishes made?

Our soap dishes are all different since each and every one is hand-rolled and individually cut from the clay. Once the soap dish is cut from the clay we place it into a simple mold we found at the dollar store that was just the right size to cradle our wet clay.
Moses loves to take the wooden cutouts of various critters, flowers, and words and press them into the wet clay. Over the next few days, the clay is allowed to dry slowly. Each dish is then wiped down, trimmed, signed, and dated.
The dry dish will be fired to 1800 degrees. After this first bisk firing the hardened soap dish is ready to have its bottom waxed. Each soap dish that has an image or stamp on it will have to be individually hand-painted with colorful glazes and then submerged into the clear glaze bucket. After the dish is glazed, it will be loaded back into the kiln for a glaze firing of 2200 degrees. A few days later, we open the kiln and have beautifully glazed soap dishes that Miss Jenny sells with her soaps.

Who makes the Soap dishes? 

Muddy Moses and Mom spend time together making soap dishes in their basement shop. They have been making soap dishes since Moses was 5.  Moses is now 17 and has outgrown his hand-building days and is now throwing large amounts of clay into all manners of creations. He is the youngest of 4 boys and loves baseball and ultimate Frisbee. Since Mo was about 5 he wanted to do pottery and his mom needed some unique soap dishes, so a partnership was born. Muddy Moses and Mom!

Other ways people use the dishes!

The dishes can also be used for holding other things like sponges, jewelry, spoon rest, and a change dish.

Enjoy and God Bless, Miss Jenny


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