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The Sweet Guy

The Sweet Guy

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Each time you use your special " funny Face" mug take some time and ponder… What’s in your mug?

All our pottery is all natural and suitable for any food or beverage application. The clay body of our mugs is wheel thrown from toxin-free high-fire clay. Our lovely glazes are mixed from recipes passed down from our mentors and are mixed in our very own shop. We believed the ingredients we use gives us a fully functional vessel with lasting beauty and purpose.
• Food Safe
• Microwave & Oven Safe
• Dishwasher Friendly 😊
• Enjoy and God Bless!
Thank you for choosing our pottery mug. Each mug comes with a special print card. This mug is on a Mission, encouraging personal responsibility for mental health by asking…
What’s in your mug?
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Mugs on a Mission

What’s in your Mug?
Our drinking vessel can remind us to check in on our thinking vessel…. Our mind, just like our mug can be filled with anything. Every day take some time to examine “What’s in my mental mug” by thinking about what you are thinking about… and pay attention to what you eat and drink!
You get to choose what’s in your mug!

What's In your Mug?