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Blue & White Mug - Large

Blue & White Mug - Large

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This old fashion blue and white mugs create a clean calm feeling that inspires a warm sense of Southern hospitality.

Blue and white are truly old-fashioned favorite color combinations for pottery. For these mugs, we are combining my favorite speckled brownstone clay with our very own blue and white glaze. This combination comes together creating beautiful brown freckles on a smooth blue and white surface.

This mug is about 4.5” tall and will hold approximately 12 to 14 oz.

Each mug in this collection has a handle that allows you to get a nice grip on your mug as you can slide your hand threw its handle.

Food Safe – Microwavable – Dishwasher safe- Made with non-toxic clay and glazes.


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Mugs on a Mission

What’s in your Mug?
Our drinking vessel can remind us to check in on our thinking vessel…. Our mind, just like our mug can be filled with anything. Every day take some time to examine “What’s in my mental mug” by thinking about what you are thinking about… and pay attention to what you eat and drink!
You get to choose what’s in your mug!

What's In your Mug?