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Mo the Potter

Piggie Bank - Small Black and White

Piggie Bank - Small Black and White

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Piggy Banks make a great gift for kids and grown-ups alike. It's a fun way to help teach kids (and anyone who needs a reminder!) the value of saving.

Moses crafts the Piggie Bank from white stoneware clay, while Ms Jenny lends the little piglet its character with ears, eyes, and a squiggly tail. We then spruce up the porker with a special glaze to make it shine! 

When it's time to save or spend your coins, just un-pop the cork on Piggie's snout and pour out your hard-earned money!

No two are the same – each has its own quirkiness and flair!

This lil' black and white porker stretches 5" from snout to tail!

This wee piggy weighs a meagre 2lbs!

Piggie Bank rests on soft felt pads to guard the surface it sits on.

We hope you "oink" with delight at your petite piggy bank! You'll be happy as a pig in mud to get your paws on this petite porky pal ready to fill up on your spare change!

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