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She Believed - Small Gift Crate

She Believed - Small Gift Crate

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Whether you need a gift that says, “Happy Mother’s Day,” “Happy Holidays,” “I love you,” or “Happy Birthday,” look no further than our beautiful gift crates.

This small wooden gift crate offers Miss Jenny's favorite flower and quote stamped into marbled clay. It is a lovely blue Sunflower with "She Believed She Could - So She Did" stamped into the dish and comes with your choice of two Miss Jenny’s soaps!

We wrap each bar with a bit of info about the benefits. The beautiful soap dish is microwaveable, dishwasher, and food-safe, so its uses are endless. We place the two soaps of your choice and one hand-crafted soap dish in a neatly packaged small wooden box. It’s the perfect introduction to Miss Jenny’s soap, and it is fit for any occasion. 
This small wooden crate includes: 

One She Believed- Soap dish and Your Choice of two Miss Jenny's Soaps.

Soap Dish - She Believed She Could - So she did!

Miss Jenny’s Soap List

 Old-Fashioned Lye Soap- A wonderful choice for dry, irritated skin. The daily use of this soap may soothe & ease the discomfort of irritated, dry, itchy skin, or acne.

Oatmeal & Honey- All time best seller…. Oatmeal removes the old skin and Honey rejuvenates the new skin. This is a very soothing soap to wash with.

Lavender- Lavender has been used or centuries as a natural perfume, moisturizer and detoxifier.

Lavender and Lemon- A citrus floral blend that is good for bathing, acne, and   all purpose soap.

Patchouli- Said to be calming to the nerves and skin, antiseptic, good for acne and eczema.

Patchouli Spice-  A lovely rich soap made with red sandalwood powder, patchouli, cinnamon and clove.

Lemongrass - Can be used for deodorizing, an insect repellant, and antiseptic. Turmeric is added for its color.

Tea Tree & Cornmeal - This is a combination of cornmeal (exfoliates) and Tea tree (antiseptic, beneficial for acne, & fungal infections).

Cinnamon Shaving Soap-

Clove Shaving Soap-Two great shaving soaps! Cinnamon and Clove oil stimulate & lift the hairs for a nice close shave. Try one or both with your order.

Coffee Hand Soap -            This soap is made with coffee ground and it removes stubborn odors like Garlic, onions, and fish.

Calendula & Rose-             Yellow Calendula Flowers are used to help eczema, sores, & sensitive skin. It is softly scented with Rose Geranium.

Castile Soap- unscented  This soap made in the traditional manner using olive and coconut oil. Known to be a favorite of people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Charcoal and Honey- Charcoal can clarify and detoxify the skin without drying it out. Honey is a natural wonder for healing and soothing. 

Spearmint -This is a wonderful mint-y soap. Great for showering after a hard day work. Refreshing!

Peppermint and Rosemary Shampoo bar- A fresh & mint-y shampoo / body bar. Castor oil is added to help condition the scalp and hair. Peppermint and Rosemary are refreshing after a work out or long, hot day.

 Enjoy the simple pleasure of using....

 Miss Jenny’s Soap as you Wash…and be Clean!

● Everyone uses soap, so this makes a perfect gift for even the most challenging person on your list.
● Great introductory kit for someone new to Miss Jenny’s Soap
● Upcycled White Pine Wood Crate - Size: 8” x 6” x 2”

Two bars of Miss Jenny's Soap
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