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Muddy Moses and Mom

Stoneware Soap Savers - Dry Dish

Stoneware Soap Savers - Dry Dish

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Stoneware Soap Savers - keep your soap dry! 

Freckled White Dry Dishes with a speck of color. Blue. Green. Yellow. They are the perfect addition to any farmhouse kitchen or bath.  This white pottery soap dish creates a calm clean quality that embodies warm Southern hospitality.  Offering them in four styles: Freckled White, Blue on Freckled White, Green on Freckled White, and Yellow on Freckled White.

Did you know... a bar of DRY soap will last you longer, and save you time and money?

  • Does spending money on expensive soap that doesn’t last make you feel bad?
  • Does spending time cleaning up messy tubs and sinks make you feel mad?
  • Does your favorite soap melting and making a mess make you feel sad?

Let our DRY dish make you Glad!


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Soap Dish

While we’ve created them to fit Miss Jenny’s soap perfectly, we’ve also used them as sponge holders, spoon rests, and jewelry or change dishes.

We take great care on every step, from individually rolling and cutting to hand painting and glazing, so you receive a high-quality product that will last for years to come.

How are Soap Dishes Made?

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What started out with a few soap dishes grew into much more.